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  • The Highline New York, NY USA (map)

Tina-Hanae Miller composed music for an upcoming piece commissioned by The Highline, an immersive reality audio-based game on particle physics. Join us at 9pm on July 20th, 2017.


Janani Balasubramanian's new work "Heisenberg" is an invitation to participate in an audio-based immersive reality game that explores concepts of uncertainty and chaos. Players start at the beginning of time and move through a series of matter/energy transformations, each emphasizing the limits of personal understanding—a cue from the piece's namesake, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle—to learn a deep, fantastic secret that's been hiding brilliantly in plain sight.

Now in its second year, Out of Line presents a new set of arresting, intriguing, and playful performances by some of New York City's most exciting contemporary artists.